Working on to build a customised linux distro to all our community user, Free operating system with all the tools required to show your creativity and perform all the task without any dependency.

I have not finalised the name yet but as of now i am calling it translinux, you are welcome to suggest a good name for final distro launch and any idea what all should i Include in it and what all should i keep in mind while finalising the design. all your input will help me to build a good system fro entire community.

Please let me know your feedback in comments below or email me at .

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  1. Hi Sonya
    Great to hear about that you have created a final distro. Although TransLinux seems a great name. But I would really like to help for distribution and promotion for the same.

    In brief, I am Adarsh, a software engineer working for Open Source Community and Trans Open Source Community Worldwide from last 23 years.

    Would love to know more about you and we could plan for some interesting project if you would like to work with me.

    Looking forward for your reply.


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