Review: Avengers End Game – a masterpiece from MCU but not upto expectation

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Spoiler Alert : This review contains spoilers for movie so please read at your own risk, if you are venerable to spoilers, else go ahead if you enjoy them like me.

First of all I am so happy after watching this movie. This is one of the most awaited movie since I watched Infinity war , and just like all other movies i enjoy them without questioning anything while watching them and that actually good to enjoy movie fullest and see what director is trying to show us. and I must say its a must watch.

Story : Marvel has done a lot of effort in the entire story line, you wont feel disconnected from all 22 movies and how they all come together to give a great saga experience. there are some twist around entire movie which make it more dramatic and emotional too.

Effects / Direction / Acting : I would not say much about direction / Acting as I got so much indulge in the movie i didn’t even realised how they are performing, but we can say director has done a good job to ensure viewers engagement and keep-up the flow of movie, Effects are flawless and awesome though you would have seem most of them in earlier movies but still they will keep you mesmerised.

Now come to points which I noticed and may be marvel can do it better….

Time Travel : First thing which came in everyone’s mind was time travel to go back and find all stones and Marvel actually used that theory though with a twist in it , but still a Time travel to solve this problem… Come on yaar i was expecting some thing else more interesting.. something which will blow our minds.. i was waiting to shout “Ohh Shit…” in cinema theatre but hold myself.

Captain America worthiness to pickup Mjolnir : Is captain America really worthy enough, while fighting with thanos Thor’s dropped the Mjolnir, and Thanos is about to kill Thor with his stormbreaker, suddenly Mjolnir flew and we all expected it would go to Thors, but it goes to Captain America… That was a WOW moment for all of us and I can see excitement in theatre, But wait how did this happen… , When did Captain became worthy for the hammer… and even if he is worthy .. how the hell he know how to call Mjolnir, it was the firth time he is using it… Is there a crash course he attended.. I am not aware… But this remind me a scene from Age of ultron, where all avengers are trying to lift Thors hammer but no one succeed, but there was a easter egg in that scene, Just see below, when captain America tried hammer tilled a little, Means hammer consider him worthy

Time Travel Theory: Well I am not a time travel expert here.. But i really want to understand time travel theory which marvel has introduced in Endgame. With my same mind i can understand if i pick something from a time five year ago and bring to present.. then practically that item in not available there for last 5 years, and i am still struggling to understand how all the events in those 5 years happened when key items to trigger them was not even available there. Though i could satisfy my curiosity when they returned back these stones to past then they would have not impacted. But still theres a lot which still i am not sure.. Like they brought tesseract cube from research lab but they would have broke it to get stone out of that.. so how could they return cube in past.

Captain Marvel : Fist her look completely change from first half to second half of movie.. How & Why don’t know, but only feeling i got like Police of Bollywood movie which comes only when everything happened

Well there are a lots of easter eggs in this movie which give spoilers for their upcoming movie plan for avengers, and don’t be dishearted if you wont find any post credit scene in this movie… so better save your time while leaving the theatre.

I ‘ll write again for all the easter eggs i have observed in the movie, but that i’ll do after it will come on Bluray or Netflix or amazon prime, Need to watch it carefully again to find all hints…

See you later… Bye … and please must watch it this movie deserve 4.8 out of 5

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