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Here we all know what it means, and I am not in intent to explain you what it means, for that there are enourmous content you’ll get on internet, its just a google away, “Ding dong… Hey google i want to know about infinity…”, Google replied.. “Ohh in got Infinity Amount of content on this…, Please come and get more confused….”

Hehehe.. I am just joking just take it lightly and try to get some reading you will be know lil better on this subject….

Lets start, general tendency with everyone , including me till a day or two ago, Infinity is used to represent anything which has no end, Enourmous is also a not a right term but though it represent soemthing very big and vast but with a defined size but when we say something as infinite that would really beyond mesurement and or beyond count.

But just because we can’t measure anything and couldnt define the end of something that doesnot make it endless, and infinity is one of that situation which every human love to create , an endless loop but in real what i believe Infinity not actualy endless , but it has a definte end, but we always tend to ignore that or choose to avoid it, Because we always want to see something without any end.

Just to keep it simple, Lets take example of numbers, If I asked you to count numbers from 1 to end of numbers, that is not possible beause no one know where numbers would go and end, beause it will start from 0 and will go 99999999………..(we cant even imagine the lenght).

Just want to ask, is numbers really that long, yes they are beacuase they are designed to run in loop, run from 0 to 9 and then add one in left and continues.. now you will as me what would be end of this. and I’ll say I’ll not give you staright forward answer but ask you to think, so let say, I ask you to do same number activity but this time I put 1. at staring and now you will run it from 1.1 or 1.01 or 1.0000…001 til 1.9 or 1.99 or 1.99999….999 , you can still run this chain as long as old one there is no difference in number of number here or in previos one, but here you will know where this infinity wil goes to end, and its simple it will end at 2.0… A beatifuls saying from “Fault in our stars”, “some infinities are bigger than other infinities.” but that still remains infinity, and here the leap from 1.999999…..999 to 2.0 is end of that infinity.

now come back to normal number, Since we cant see our 2.0 there that doesnt mean that wouldnt end.. Its just a matter of time to reasise that leap to close end bigger infinity, same with space if you are nor seeing edge of 2.0 it doesnt make out space/universe infinite but once we see the leap which covers last range before 2.0 we will enter into a new universe.

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