16 April 2017

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I still remember how the date start… getting messages from all friends about tiktok banned in India and its already deleted.. dint know from where it started but everyone keep calling tiktok will be deleted at midnight and all videos will be gone.. so as a good user i was busy in downloading and saving my videos.

at last application continues and after a lot of effort till late night (around 2:30) i am able to download all my videos and also visited all my social media accounts. It was great to see some new followers and likes on pics. a tonic for my sound sleep.

Slept so sound i woke-up late and almost left my ride.. but luckily managed to got it….

When you were busy through out the day.. you wont have enough time to reflect on what you do, but end of day when you reflect back, you analysed what went good what went wrong.. that’s what I am trying to do now. A lot of thoughts while writing it but don’t know how to put all of them here.. but may be i can skip for today will try later on what all can be done.

but highlight of the day is maleficent on Netflix… a light movie after a hard day is all what you need with cup of tea… 😉

Good night…

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